Are you thinking of an Exit in 2020? Why you need a Data Room NOW!

Today’s Data Room is traditionally now a virtual room and not a physical one; it is a cloud-based repository for confidentially storing, organising and distributing key information and documents. Having a Data Room can significantly enhance the due diligence process in an M&A transaction.  Not only does it enable the selling company to share documents with potential buyers located anywhere in the world in a controlled and secure manner; it … Continue reading

How to survive HR due diligence

It may sound crazy, but the ideal time to prepare for an exit is at start-up.  The documentation required in a data room during an M&A transaction can be overwhelming and will certainly be time-consuming. Information on the obligations the company has to, and from, its people will be of fundamental interest to a prospective buyer, and if your record keeping is not up to par, it will be difficult, … Continue reading

EMI Schemes and qualification for Entrepreneurs’ Relief

(Updated 4th February 2019) Where shares are acquired under an EMI scheme; it is not necessary to own 5% of the shares in a company in order to qualify for Entrepreneurs’ Relief.  This means any uplift in value will be taxed at 10% rather than 20% (or 10% for basic rate taxpayers) from 6 April 2016. Attracting, recruiting and retaining employees through an EMI scheme An EMI scheme is a … Continue reading

DEAL ALERT Isosceles Cyber Security Client CNS Group Acquired

We are delighted to announce that our client CNS Group, award-winning cyber security services and consultancy business have been acquired by Six Degrees, a leading cloud-led managed service provider. The acquisition adds the 50-strong CNS Group team and over £7 million of annual revenue to the Six Degrees business together with a market-leading portfolio of security consultancy, compliance, and managed security services. Isosceles has provided outsourced accounting, HR, CFO and due … Continue reading

DEAL ALERT Isosceles Investment Client MetaPack Acquired

We are delighted to announce that our investment client MetaPack, the global leader in e-commerce delivery technology, has been acquired by Inc., the leading provider of postage online and shipping software solutions, in a deal worth approximately £175 million. Isosceles has been a director of MetaPack for over 11 years during which time it has grown from a business turning over £1m and employing 15 people to becoming a … Continue reading

DEAL ALERT Isosceles helps ERP client to successful exit

DEAL ALERT Isosceles client insightsoftware acquired by TA Associates to revolutionize ERP reporting and enterprise performance management We are delighted to announce that our client has been acquired by TA Associates (TA Associates announces acquisition and combination of Global Software, Inc and International to create market-leading ERP reporting platform). From infancy, through maturity to a successful exit Insightsoftware has been a client of Isosceles for 18 years and … Continue reading

The role of an M&A Adviser

Understanding the steps of selling a business is relatively straightforward, but knowing how to increase the value of, and effectively market a business is something completely different. An M&A adviser’s role effectively encompasses three things: Marketing your business to several potential, interested buyers, and Negotiating the sale on your behalf alongside other advisers, such as lawyers, and Achieving the very best possible outcome for you, the seller, in terms of … Continue reading

Achieve a premium valuation with exit preparation

Exit opportunities don’t always come at the perfect moment In the perfect world, you as a business owner would choose the perfect moment for your exit; when your sales are looking upwards, your team is settled, your data room is full of clean, perfectly organised and prepared documentation; there is competitive tension and a premium valuation is within reach. Related Article: How to value your technology business For most, however, … Continue reading

Considering an exit? What type of buyer are you hoping to attract?

There are four exit options (type of buyer) Selling a business is one of the most challenging situations that you as an entrepreneur will face.  There are many questions to answer, decisions to make and steps to take before you can finally sign on the dotted line.  One of the big questions, sometimes answered too late in the sale process is what “type of buyer am I hoping to attract?” There … Continue reading

Important Questions to ask Before Making an Acquisition

You are considering buying a company but is it really the right move for your business?  Before embarking on an acquisition, there are a series of questions we ask our clients before they ‘deep dive’ into the process. Why buy this company and why buy it now? Is there a market/opportunity that makes this acquisition essential? Is this a compelling target? What is their uniqueness? Have you looked at other products/providers? … Continue reading