How will taxation reforms of consultants (IR35) affect SMEs?

The IR35 tax rules that apply to consultants working in the private sector through intermediaries such as personal services companies will change from the new tax year (2020). The reforms will mean that the qualifying business using such consultants will have new responsibilities for the administration of HMRC related payments and may incur additional costs. What is changing? In summary, where the new IR35 rules apply it will be the … Continue reading

Employee disputes don’t just happen to big companies

You might think that employee relations issues are the preserve of the big companies, but they are just as likely to affect startups and emerging companies too. One of the biggest dangers is ignoring an employee relations dispute and hoping it will go away.  It rarely does. Around 1.2 million people contacted ACAS last year alone whilst claims rose by 29% from 1,700 to 2,200 per week. Compensation awards are … Continue reading

How to survive HR due diligence

It may sound crazy, but the ideal time to prepare for an exit is at start-up.  The documentation required in a data room during an M&A transaction can be overwhelming and will certainly be time-consuming. Information on the obligations the company has to, and from, its people will be of fundamental interest to a prospective buyer, and if your record keeping is not up to par, it will be difficult, … Continue reading

Payroll changes coming up for 2019-20

The new payroll year starts on 6 April 2019. To help keep employers on top of statutory changes that will apply from then, we’ve pulled together a summary of the key things to be aware of. Changes to detail that must be shown on a payslip For pay periods starting on or after 6 April, payslips must show the number of hours worked where the hours worked affects the amount … Continue reading

Employing staff in the UK? A guide for overseas companies

(Updated 19 February 2019) If you’re an overseas business looking to build a presence in the UK, or a start-up about to hire your first employee, it’s worth taking a bit of time now to understand the legal framework that will apply when employing staff in the UK. While we can’t detail all employment law in one article, we can give you an overview of key areas. First of all, the … Continue reading

Minimum pension contributions will increase in April 2019

Employers who have eligible workers in an automatic enrolment pension scheme should be aware that minimum pension contributions increase in April 2019. The minimum contributions payable, and the relevant dates are shown in the table below: Minimum Pension Contributions Effective 6th April 2019 Key points to note Employers can choose to pay more than the legal minimum pension contributions, which could be used to reduce the amount workers contribute, but … Continue reading

Preparing for 2019; employment law changes

While the outcomes and implications of Brexit discussions continue to be hotly debated, there are some employment law changes coming into effect in 2019 and beyond that employers should be aware of: Statutory Pay Rates Increases to national minimum wage rates: effective 1st April 2019 The national living wage increases to £8.21 per hour. The national minimum wage for workers aged 21-24 increases to £7.70. For those aged 18-20 the … Continue reading

HR GDPR, where should you be six months on?

The need to protect personal data impacts on HR activities daily; from recruitment and performance management to pay and benefits and the need to know next of kin. While it’s important that employers have a good grasp of data protection principles, the real challenge with HR GDPR will be in making sure that acting on those principles is ‘business as usual’. HR GDPR steps that should have been completed by … Continue reading

October 2018 Deadline Approaching for Childcare Voucher Scheme

Childcare Voucher Scheme After an earlier extension, the final date for new entrants to the Childcare Voucher Scheme is fast approaching.  Eligible employees can still join the scheme if their first wage adjustment, and receipt of vouchers, has gone through before midnight on 4th October. This will be the last opportunity for employees to take advantage of the current voucher-based scheme. Childcare voucher benefits will continue to be available to members … Continue reading

The office Christmas Party – what employers need to know

The party season is here again and employers large and small are busy organising the  Christmas Party and other social events as a way of thanking their employees for their hard work over the year. For most, these will be a great night out, a chance for the team to let their hair down, let off a bit of steam and celebrate with a glass or two. But what happens … Continue reading