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Due to the tight timelines involved I decided we should use a firm who actually uses the chosen ERP solution for their own clients thus making use of their own implementation learnings. Isosceles were the natural choice given their extensive experience of using our chosen system with their clients  ”

Richard Francis, CFO, The ATCORE Group

Isosceles supported us from our humble beginnings right through to becoming a global leader in our market. We worked with some great Isosceles people throughout this time and have always very much appreciated the skills, the support and the many hours of hard work they brought.

Alwyn Welch, Chairman,

It is very reassuring to have the Isosceles HR team on hand with knowledge and resources to help us with any HR issues at any time in the UK and beyond.

Clive Bellmore, Chairman, Europe & Africa, Syniti

Isosceles is an integral part of QiO’s journey, from our basic finance needs to accounting, payroll and tax activities in six countries, they provide outstanding responsiveness and teamwork to meet our needs.

Baz Khuti, Founder and CEO, QiO Technologies

Isosceles have provided a tremendous level of support throughout.  They ran an effective process and identified an international buyer outside of our immediate network of business.  Their blend of corporate finance and accounting skills proved invaluable.

Dr. Tim Wallis, Managing Director of Ridgeway

Isosceles has been with us through the highs and lows. They have supported us strongly through every part of our cycle. They are completely dedicated to making our life easy.


James Prior Joint CEO, Vetasi

We wanted an experienced partner with a win/win negotiation style. Isosceles managed the seller’s expectation so a mutually realistic valuation could be agreed. They kept the transaction simple and straightforward and are easy to work with.

David McLeman, CEO, Ancoris

I have found the HR team at Isosceles to be extremely reliable.  Their consultants are very knowledgeable and pragmatic in their advice.

Lauren Nagel-Krosney, VP of Human Resources/ Real Capital Analytics Inc.

It is difficult to find a company like Isosceles that is able to effectively, efficiently, and with a great personal touch deliver such a breadth of financial services. Our work with Isosceles has had a tremendous impact on our business and has definitely generated a positive ROI.

Kenny Dunn, Founder and CEO, Eating Europe