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Helping founders and entrepreneurs of technology companies and other high growth companies prepare for exit and execute a successful sale process

Isosceles provide M&A advisory services.  Our heritage is in supporting technology businesses; we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve business growth and for many an exit.

Prepare for Exit

If you are considering selling your business, or think this may be an option, we would encourage you to prepare for exit now.  Uniquely our team of M&A specialists are backed-up by finance, accounting and HR professionals, we have all the skills we need to assist you in-house.

Isosceles helps founders and entrepreneurs get their business into the best possible shape; making companies more appealing to buyers and significantly improving their valuation.  By taking the time to prepare for exit before an approach, or initiating an individual sales process, the transaction will run smoothly with less chance of value erosion.

prepare for exit

Managing the Sell-side Process

M&A advisory

When the time is right for an exit, we are here to support you through the sale process too.  Our unique value proposition is our willingness to travel the full lifecycle of the business regardless of the timeframe.

By working with you to prepare for exit and focussing on a longer-term approach, we gain an intimate insight into how the business works. This significantly improves communication with potential buyers and the quality of the process from sales materials production to data room generation.

We have found this close partnership enables us to establish superior buyer lists, communicate more effective messaging, and ultimately create the competitive tension that can build valuation throughout the process.

Isosceles is proud of its successful track record of helping technology companies achieve their full potential.

  • FD Services Three offices in the UK
  • Part-time FD 75% of clients investor backed
  • interim fd Clients with turnover up to $50m


As founder and CEO of LINE, handing over control for our staff and clients was one of the most important, difficult and personal decisions of my business life.

Mike and the Isosceles team have been helping us with the decision and preparation over many years so that when the time came we knew it was right.

The Isosceles team were with us every step of the way and were a critical part of our successful transaction.

Piers Lea, CEO, LINE Communications

We wanted an experienced partner with a win/win negotiation style. Isosceles managed the seller’s expectation so a mutually realistic valuation could be agreed. They kept the transaction simple and straightforward and are easy to work with.

David McLeman, CEO, Ancoris

We really needed to make sure we knew what we were buying. We did consider using one of the ‘big four’ to help us but their charges were prohibitive and they were unfamiliar with MDSL. Isosceles on the other hand knew us well, were far more cost effective, and also had the individuals with the commercial and financial acumen we needed.

Ben Mendoza, CEO at MDSL

The results speak for themselves. Business Objects acquired Edgewing on the terms we wanted. When issues arose Isosceles were able to resolve them in a calm and easy manner which left the buyer and seller feeling they were both winning.

Steve Crook, CEO, Edging

Isosceles have supported us all the way from our MBO. They offer a rare blend of pragmatic business skills and first-rate finance and accounting expertise.

Robert Dent, CEO, 1st Touch