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Outsourced accounting for entrepreneurs and founders of scaling, funded and early-stage technology businesses

The Isosceles outsourced accounting solution combines the latest technology and accounting expertise with our heritage of successfully growing technology businesses to an exit. This means we concentrate on building an operationally well-run company while you focus on driving growth and scaling the business.

For start-ups:

Affordable Accounting

icount is our smart cloud-based solution, designed for seed and early-stage companies. It takes the cost and risks out of running an internal finance function during your company's most vulnerable stage. We provide the accounting systems, processes and people of the company you want to be tomorrow, today.

For growth:

Flexibility and scalability

Our outsourced accounting service, tailored to your company’s specific needs, can flex and grow; a strong foundation on which you can scale - fast. And as your business data becomes more complex, your dedicated Isosceles team can identify, interpret and report the insights you now need to manage this scaling business.

For exits:

Maximising your valuation

As you approach the right time to exit, we prepare the company for sale and ensure a robust and credible valuation that will stand up to examination. Potential acquirers and investors will scrutinise data to verify their expectation of company potential. We give them no excuse to lower your valuation.

Outsourced Accounting

  • Overview

    Through every stage of growth, from startup to exit, Isosceles will provide an effective finance function to look after the day-to-day processing as if we were your own internal team; onsite or offsite, you decide.

    We do more than process the transactions, we also set up the financial control environment, keep the cash flowing, and provide timely, accurate and relevant reporting and insights to inform decisionmaking and drive growth.

  • Transaction processing

    Accurate day-to-day processing is the essence of our outsourced accounting solution and the foundation of an operationally well-run business.

    We manage all transactional processing to include, purchase and sales ledger processing, credit control and payment runs, management of bank transactions.  We take full ownership of all financial transactions to ensure high-quality management reporting and informed decisionmaking.

  • Financial control

    Every company is different.  We will create a tailored control environment to include best practice accounting policies and procedures which maximise security (mitigating the risks of a cyberattack and a GDPR breach) and control of resources without choking day-to-day operations.

    We ensure all purchases have been through the correct process, that all invoices are matched to orders and authorised before payment. We also ensure appropriate supplier agreements and customer contracts are in place, and review contracted terms and conditions.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Timely, accurate and relevant reporting helps drive the accountability of staff, increase the visibility of performance and support informed management decision making.

    Having determined the nature, frequency and format of your financial reporting, Isosceles can incorporate KPI’s and trend analysis and communicate business performance via our business intelligence dashboard. We help the leadership team to understand, interpret and use the insights provided.

  • Financial Forecasting

    Cash is the lifeblood of a business; even the most profitable can suffer cash flow shortages. Through financial forecasting models, Isosceles will help you understand working capital requirements and identify short and long-term pinch points and gaps.

    Through quarterly, annual and 3-year forecasting, we can identify the businesses’ working capital needs and help you to take steps to address funding requirements.  Whether it’s banking facility negotiations, grant and funding applications or weighing up the pros and cons of alternative sources of finance.

  • Payroll

    A motivated business needs motivated people. Ensuring employees are paid on time and correctly is an essential requirement every business should meet.

    With an ever-increasing HMRC reporting burden, our payroll team will also make sure you remain compliant and up-to-date with all changes.  Our outsourced payroll service is an efficient, dependable and affordable alternative to running your in-house payroll system.


Financial Planning

  • Overview

    A realistic business plan helps identify your targets and goals and sets out how you will navigate towards them.

    Isosceles’ outsourced accounting service will help you get where you want to be.  We will provide an honest and frank assessment of your current position, benchmark this against your aspirations and help you get there.

  • Finance operation review

    The closer you are to your business, the more difficult it is to remain objective when critiquing systems, reporting and processes.

    Isosceles is independent and impartial. A finance operation review doesn’t need to interfere with day-to-day operations or distract your FD or CFO from supporting the management team.


    Isosceles will work with you to rigorously review the

    • Effectiveness and efficiency of the finance operations
    • Processes and procedures for adequacy and effectiveness
    • Level and competency of the financial resources
    • The capability of the current finance systems
    • Robustness of the financial controls
  • Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting

    As growth opportunities present themselves, companies must anticipate risks and opportunities and adapt their plans to achieve their growth targets.

    Without critical review and realistic, knowledgeable input, a financial forecast or budget can end up as nothing more than a set of numbers on a spreadsheet, an unachievable wish list of management ideas without foundation in reality.


    Isosceles can help you to develop comprehensive financial planning which identifies and communicates your business’s strategic objectives.

    We can drive the annual budgeting process and build an interactive profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow model, which creates both a high-level overview and a detailed month-by-month breakdown.

    Having created a budget or forecast, it is crucial to review your performance against it and regularly update it for changes in your environment and knowledge. Isosceles can flex your forecasts to track actual performance and revised expectations and model additional analyses if required, to help benchmark the current forecasts against your longer-term targets.

  • ‘What if?’ scenario modelling

    What if scenario modelling

    ‘What if?’ scenario modelling can significantly reduce uncertainty and risk.

    By examining the differences between varying outcomes and scenarios, “what if?” analysis is a powerful tool to aid the understanding and identification of key business decisions and their effect on your business.



    We can help you to determine which ‘what if?’ questions are appropriate to your business and run financial simulations. This will reveal the potential impact of each scenario and help you plan an appropriate course of action.

    ‘What if?’ scenario modelling will:

    • Demonstrate the strength of your business plan to investors
    • Help to develop a ‘Plan B’, equipping you to respond rapidly to changing circumstances
    • Stimulate new business growth potential by forcing you to think creatively, removing the constraints of normal corporate thinking
    • Help you to prepare a compelling exit strategy, demonstrating the resilience of your plan and maturity of your business skills to potential acquirers

Statutory accounting, tax and compliance

  • Overview

    Modern statutory accounting and taxation obligations are continually changing and becoming more complex, with a growing scope, fines and penalties for non-compliance.

    Isosceles can provide specialist statutory accounts and tax services and will ensure that your statutory obligations are met.

  • Statutory accounts

    Every company is required by law to prepare and file an annual set of statutory accounts with Companies House.

    At the end of your financial year, we can produce your financial statements and both abbreviated and full accounts as required.  For your convenience and peace of mind, we will also file the accounts with Companies House in line with relevant filing deadlines.

  • Company secretarial

    Many companies underestimate the role of company secretary and pass the responsibility for statutory compliance to an over-burdened, under-qualified member of staff.

    Outsourcing your company secretary services to Isosceles is the safe solution. We can help with all levels of service, from a basic service for start-ups and small companies to a comprehensive package for large companies facing complex structural change and on-going compliance

  • Corporate tax

    All limited companies are subject to corporation tax which can be complicated and detailed. Due to its ever-changing nature, it is highly beneficial to engage a corporate tax specialist to identify all available reliefs and to help with compliance and planning.

    Isosceles’ specialist tax accountants will give you peace of mind that your return has been submitted on time and accurately.


    We will ensure that you:

    • Have the most tax-effective structure for your business
    • Take full advantage of corporation tax reliefs
    • Achieve the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment
    • Make the most of tax opportunities specific to your industry
  • R&D Tax Incentives

    The definition of R&D for tax purposes is much broader than you might think. It’s highly likely that some of the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis could qualify as eligible expenditure for this tax relief.   This is a valuable tax relief for innovative companies; don’t miss out.

    Whether you are established or pre-revenue, Isosceles can maximise this benefit by helping you to identify qualifying activities, prepare your submission and manage a claim with HMRC.

    Our team of specialists are more than just tax and accounting professionals; many have worked in the technology sector themselves and can understand your business processes

  • FD Services Three offices
    in the UK
  • Part-time FD 75% of clients investor backed
  • interim fd Clients with turnover up to $50m

The FD Service

Whether you need an operational FD or a start-up specialist, an agent of change or a driver of growth, a fundraiser or exit specialist, Isosceles has the right FD for your business.

Our FD’s are available on an interim or part-time basis and uniquely have a full finance team to back them up if required.


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Isosceles is an integral part of QiO’s journey, from our basic finance needs to accounting, payroll and tax activities in six countries, they provide outstanding responsiveness and teamwork to meet our needs.

Baz Khuti, Founder and CEO, QiO

It is difficult to find a company like Isosceles that is able to effectively, efficiently, and with a great personal touch deliver such a breadth of financial services. Our work with Isosceles has had a tremendous impact on our business and has definitely generated a positive ROI.

Kenny Dunn, Founder and CEO, Eating Europe

Handing over control for our staff and clients was one of the most important, difficult and personal decisions of my business life.
Mike and the Isosceles team have been helping us with the decision and preparation over many years so that when the time came we knew it was right. The Isosceles team were with us every step of the way and were a critical part of our successful transaction.”

Piers Lea, Founder and CEO, LINE Communications

Isosceles has been with us through the highs and lows. They have supported us strongly through every part of our cycle. They are completely dedicated to making our life easy.

James Prior, Founder and CEO, Vetasi