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FD Services: Part-time FDs and Interim FDs for entrepreneurial businesses

‘Successful people surround themselves with successful people’.

Whether you need an operational FD or a start-up specialist, an agent of change or a driver of growth, a fundraiser or exit specialist, Isosceles’ FD Services has the right FD for your business.

Uniquely our part-time FDs and interim FDs have the ability to call on a full resourced Isosceles finance team to back them up.

For start-ups:

Solid foundations.

Your time and resources are precious. Your focus should be on product and client development. We offer flexible, effective access to FD skills at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. Our startup FDs will share your workload and support you to create the solid foundations needed for success.

For growth:

With growth comes change

As your business matures the role of the FD changes. The skills required to drive growth are different from the more operational skills required of a start-up. We provide access to experts working with some of the UK's most successful technology companies.

For exits:

Creating a winning formula

Not only is an FD with transaction experience critical to a successful exit, but their presence can be the driver that gets the deal completed successfully. Our FDs help entrepreneurs achieve a successful exit at premium values. We understand what makes a winning formula and will create a compelling proposition.

Part-time FD

Isosceles provides high calibre part-time FDs at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.  This means you get access to FD-level expertise when you need it – paying for only what you use.

Our FDs are flexible and have experience of all stages of development from start-up, fundraising, through growth as well as exit and can support you on whatever basis best suits your business and your senior management team.

We specialise in supporting ambitious, rapid growth companies.  All our part-time FDs are accustomed to adapting to diverse cultures, working styles and ownership models, which means they will add value from their first day.

  • FD Services Three offices in the UK
  • Part-time FD 75% of clients investor backed
  • interim fd Clients with turnover up to $50m

Interim FD

If you need support on an interim, ad-hoc or project basis our specialist interim FDs can help.

Our interim FDs are available to:

  • Review and redesign systems, processes, reporting and controls to make sure you can interpret what your business is telling you.
  • Provide financial expertise to support your launch of new products or enter new markets
  • Meet all of your forecasting and budgeting needs such as cash forecasts, annual budgets or long-term strategic plans.
  • Attract and secure angel, venture and private equity funding.
  • Support on customer and purchase contracts, banking and other negotiations.
  • Cover unexpected departure or long-term absences.
  • Drive a turnaround situation and rediscovery of core activities.
  • Prepare your business or subsidiary for sale or investment.
  • Identify, review and value potential acquisitions.

Unlike some providers who only supply a standalone interim FD, our interim FDs can draw on a team of FCs which enables us to resource your project with the most effective and efficient blend of resources.  If we think the requirements can be met in a more cost-effective way then we will tell you, and save your business some money in the process.



I trust Isosceles with one of the most fundamental parts of my business. I have complete confidence in all their staff; they have never let me down.

CEO, IT services provider

Ancoris wanted a partner that had extensive experience in dealing with these type of transactions and a negotiation style which was win/win. Isosceles was able to manage the expectation of the seller so that a realistic valuation could be agreed to both parties’ satisfaction. Isosceles helped keep the transaction simple and straightforward, they are very easy to work with.

David McCleman CEO

We needed a flexible individual with a high level of commercial acumen who could confidently fill the role of Finance Director.

CEO, software development company

Isosceles made my life easier from start to finish. They focussed on my business, looking after day to day accounting requirements and acted as trusted advisors, providing a valuable sounding board when I needed it, but often the service was light touch and excellent value.

Robert Dent, CEO, 1st Touch