How early exit preparation can help you achieve a premium valuation

Posted on: 30 June 2017

Exit opportunities don’t always come at the perfect moment In the perfect world, you as a business owner would choose the perfect moment for your exit; when your sales are looking upwards, your team is settled, your data room is full of clean, perfectly organised and prepared documentation; there is competitive tension and a premium valuation is within reach. Related Article: How to value your technology business For most, however, … Continue reading

Top Tips on applying for a Graduate Accounting Scheme

Posted on: 01 June 2017

From one Graduate to another.  Our Jane’s view on the ten things you should know about applying for a graduate accounting scheme: One: Companies will know that you’re applying to more than one graduate accounting scheme You’re in the last year of university, and you know what you’re looking to do with your career. It’s quite likely therefore that you’re considering a few different companies – there’s no need to … Continue reading

Outsourcing HR provides real value to scaling technology companies

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Think you don’t need an HR Department? Isn’t it incredible how things can change, virtually overnight?  One minute you are patting yourself on the back.  The business is ticking over nicely.  The team is solid and working well together.  The ‘big one’ has finally closed, and you can now see the blood, sweat and tears spilt over the last 24 months have been worthwhile. For the first time since start-up … Continue reading

Advantages (and risks) of Outsourcing Your Accounting

Posted on: 09 May 2017

The decision to outsource accounting should never be taken lightly.  Most leaders of growing businesses do recognise when the finance function is not as effective or as efficient as they need it to be. They also know when the time is right to consider outsourcing but often they find it difficult to rationalise their decision – a huge stumbling block which may prevent a company from scaling. Why does signing a cheque deliver higher … Continue reading

The Apprenticeship Levy. Can scaling buisnesses benefit from recruiting apprentices?

Posted on: 08 April 2017

The biggest challenge facing scaling businesses is often not motivating and retaining staff, it’s finding great talent in the first place. Recruiting graduates and “growing your own” has gained momentum among SMEs, but could the new “apprenticeship levy” help them source future leaders at lower cost? So, what are the advantages of apprenticeships? Apprenticeship programmes generally combine work and class based training. For employers, this means that apprentices will be building skills that are directly relevant … Continue reading

HR Bulletin – HR Legislation Update April, 2017

Posted on: 03 April 2017

Welcome to the April, 2017 edition of HR Legislation Update. These updates keep you informed about recent and proposed changes to employment legislation and regulations impacting on employment rights and obligations as well as important case decisions in the UK and the EC that impact on employers. In the latest HR legislation update edition, the following issues are covered: National Minimum Wage and Living Wage increase Statutory Adoption, Maternity and Paternity Pay … Continue reading

Important Questions to ask Before Making an Acquisition

Posted on: 28 March 2017

You are considering buying a company but is it really the right move for your business?  Before embarking on an acquisition, there are a series of questions we ask our clients before they ‘deep dive’ into the process. Why buy this company and why buy it now? Is there a market/opportunity that makes this acquisition essential? Is this a compelling target? What is their uniqueness? Have you looked at other products/providers? … Continue reading

Isosceles appoints new head at Cambridge office

Posted on: 07 March 2017

We are excited to welcome Andrew Taylor to Isosceles as Head of our Cambridge office. Andy is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant who has worked with privately owned UK businesses, one of the largest FTSE 100 companies and as CFO of a main market listed PLC. Since 2011 Andy has been working as a portfolio FD supporting small and medium sized companies in Cambridge.  He has provided numerous clients … Continue reading

Be Quick! Salary sacrifice changes in April 2017

Posted on: 06 March 2017

April will see several changes to the range of benefits that employees can access through salary sacrifice schemes. These schemes can be financially beneficial for the employee and employer by reducing tax and/or National Insurance contributions. What is changing in salary sacrifice? Employees will not be able to enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement for benefits which are considered to be ‘luxury’ or ‘lifestyle’ after 5 April 2017. These include: … Continue reading

Isosceles continues to expand its Finance Director Services

Posted on: 02 March 2017

We are delighted to welcome Greg Eaton to Isosceles as a Finance Director. Greg is an experienced Group Finance Director with a strong history of raising finance for growth, optimising cash and working capital, improving reporting and preparing businesses for sale. He is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant with a broad industry background including technology products and services, manufacturing and distribution.  Greg has worked with privately owned UK businesses … Continue reading