When is the right time for a early-stage company to outsource accounting?

“When should I outsource accounting?” is a crucial question that entrepreneurs may consider in their business’ early stages of growth and development. With the current business environment presenting serious challenges for business of all sizes, entrepreneurs may be looking to outsource their finance function or elements of it to grapple with the impacts of the global pandemic compounded by the conclusion of Brexit negotiations. In this blog, we outline how … Continue reading

How should a business outsource their accounting?

Entrepreneurs may want to outsource accounting at this challenging time to concentrate on revenue-generating activities, growing the business and navigating the stormy months that lie ahead. In this blog, we outline the mechanics of how a business can outsource accounting and explain how specialists, like Isosceles, can support early-stage and growing businesses with a professional, durable and appropriate part of the finance function. A quick scan around the internet and … Continue reading

What exactly does an Interim FD do?

An interim FD is very similar to a part-time FD, but there are a few subtle differences. A part-time FD works with growing businesses on a long-term part-time (a day a week or a day a month, for example)  basis. They support companies who need the insight of an FD but cannot justify a full-time resource. An interim FD is temporarily engaged to deal with a particular situation For example: … Continue reading

How accounting outsourcing bridges the accounting skills gap

Running and growing an innovative business involves managing a range of priorities and challenges. In the early days, it often falls to the CEO (or their partner!) or a junior finance professional to take on the role of the finance function. The success of a business, however, depends on the accurate forecasting and management of budgets, a sustainable flow of cash, and the ability of existing resources to correctly balance … Continue reading

Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients addressing COVID-19

Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients active in the COVID-19 space have devoted resources to the production of vaccine candidates, development of tests and analysis of data. As the battle for a vaccine continues in earnest, we explore the work of Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients. Estimated reading time: 3.5 minutes   Sector: Biotechnology Synthace: Harnessing the latest software COVID-19 has caused a structural shift in how research labs … Continue reading

Why every business needs a modern finance director

Estimated reading time 8:00 minutes (but worth it!) As a supplier of FD Services, we often meet potential clients who are not entirely sure what a modern finance director does, or why they need one.   “I have a financial controller who is more than capable of producing a good, timely set of management accounts, what would a finance director add?” The modern finance director has changed, no longer are they … Continue reading

How to achieve a fit for purpose finance function

Entrepreneurial technology businesses are now in uncharted territory and experiencing a range of financial, HR and operational challenges as the coronavirus outbreak seeps into every aspect of operations.  Often, it is only when a crisis occurs that ineffective and inefficient structures in the finance team and the finance function emerge and create issues. In our latest blog, we explore how the deployment and management of a bloated finance team during … Continue reading

Accounts Outsourcing and AccountingTech, what’s the difference?

The world of accounts outsourcing is changing rapidly As providers of accounts outsourcing to growing technology companies, we are seeing an increase in the number of exciting and innovative AccountingTech startups seeking our services to help them to scale. This sector includes online book-keeping, expense management, planning and tax software solutions. With the investment community readily investing in UK AccountTech companies (like the ones below), the disruption of the traditional … Continue reading

UK Government pledges £1.25 billion support package to help fast-growing firms

UK businesses driving innovation will receive support through the coronavirus outbreak with a £1.25 billion support package. The much-anticipated shot-in-the-arm for entrepreneurial businesses includes a £500 million fund for high-growth firms and £750 million of grants and loans for research and development focused activities. In this blog, we reveal what this intervention involves, why the Government has launched the initiative and how businesses can receive support. Estimated reading time 4:00 … Continue reading

Coronavirus: How to manage cash flow and working capital

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak declared a ‘global pandemic’ and no apparent end in sight, we reveal what founders of entrepreneurial technology businesses are doing to safeguard their cash flow, working capital and ultimately their company. Estimated reading time 6:00 minutes Understandably, leaders of entrepreneurial technology businesses are extremely concerned about the impact Coronavirus will have on cash flow and working capital. The complexion of the trading environment has changed … Continue reading