Employing staff in the UK? A guide for overseas companies

(Updated 9 July 2020) If you’re an overseas business looking to build a presence in the UK, or a start-up about to hire your first employee, it’s worth taking a bit of time now to understand the legal framework that will apply when employing staff in the UK. While we can’t detail all employment law in one article, we can give you an overview of key areas. First of all, the … Continue reading

Setting up in the UK? How to choose a branch or a subsidiary

For good reason, the UK is the No.1 destination in Europe for overseas companies to set up their European subsidiary.  In an earlier blog why growing US technology companies choose the UK, we highlighted the major reasons for this. Initially, an overseas company may ‘test the waters’ in the UK by operating from its home country, without taxable ramifications, but if successful a point will come when a more structured … Continue reading

Why growing US technology companies choose the UK for their European subsidiary

Despite being divided by a common language there are shared cultural roots, which make the Anglo-American relationship important both economically and politically, and thus the UK the obvious choice (despite the emerging issues of Brexit) for US companies to establish their first European subsidiary. The Magna Carta sealed in 1215 is more than just a peace treaty between the quarrelsome and unpopular King John of England and a group of rebel … Continue reading

Isosceles Move to Character Offices in Egham and Establish Inward Investment Incubator

PRESS RELEASE EGHAM, SURREY.  TUESDAY, 21ST MAY 2013. Isosceles, providers of outsourced accounting and finance  and outsourced HR and payroll services have secured The Old Police Station in Egham. This move will not only provide Isosceles with much needed space as the company continues to grow but it will also enable them to offer overseas companies wishing to set up in the UK a virtual or physical office in their Inward Investment Incubator.  “Our … Continue reading

International Business:Growing to America

I had the pleasure of attending the strategic sales meeting of one of our clients whom we had helped set up an international business in Denver last week. These guys and girls have an incredibly difficult task, they operate under a geographically distributed model. They operate in small teams that might see each other once a week, they may only come to the head office a few times a year. … Continue reading