Isosceles launches company-wide health, fitness and wellbeing competition

Isosceles launches company-wide health, fitness and wellbeing competition

Isosceles is delighted to share that its team is fully engaged and actively participating in the company-wide ‘Spring into Easter’ challenge a company-wide health, fitness and wellbeing competition.

Launched in conjunction with Isosceles’ social committee and Ceramex Head of Operations Kai Smith, the competition is focused on improving the health, fitness, and wellbeing of all our employees.

Starting on Monday 1 March 2021 and concluding on 30 April 2021, ‘Spring into Easter’ participants have been split up into teams of four and can record up to five days’ worth of activities per week (where competitors can only score a maximum of two activities from different categories for each of those days) across three categories; cardiovascular, muscular and mindfulness.

Cardio activities increase a participant’s heart rate and include running/jogging, walking, outdoor cycling, interval training, a wide range of 30-minute and 60-minute activities, including horse riding, kayaking, home improvements and gardening.

Muscular activities improve strength, flexibility and endurance and include high-intensity interval training, weight/bodyweight exercises, yoga, pilates, dance and stretching.

Finally, Mindfulness activities are aimed at creating overall mental balance through activities such as meditation, listening to music, reading a book, colouring and even a cold submerged swim.

To track the results, all participants have access to an Excel document where they can record their scores before it is tallied up at the end of the week and the winning team is announced each Tuesday.

Extra points are available if photographs and videos are submitted of any health, fitness or wellbeing activity

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Graduate Trainee Accountant and Isosceles ‘Spring into Easter’ event coordinator Laura Grant says: “This event is an exciting and inclusive opportunity to work together in small teams to improve everyone’s health, fitness and wellbeing. Since this is Isosceles there is a bit of healthy competition attached to the event”.

“I must say thank you to all participants and those who sent in some lovely photographs; it is great to see such a mix of creative categories. I look forward to reviewing this week’s results.”

“Alongside this challenge, we have organised weekly yoga classes with an external instructor which not only helps to get people involved in the challenge, but it also helps everyone’s mental wellbeing.”

Isosceles CEO Mike O’Connell says: “Internally, the company-wide ‘Spring into Easter’ challenge is just one of the many exciting initiatives going on now. We launched ‘Spring into Easter’ with the help of Kai Smith who runs Operations at our client Ceramex.”

“Kai is an ex-commando and launched our challenge with gusto, and we are tremendously grateful for his time.”

“The event, which has several physical, mental and mindfulness challenges where teams can earn points for completing various health and fitness and wellbeing tasks, has captured the interest of the majority of the team”.

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