Top 5 Reasons Why Startups Need Outsourced HR

It’s easy to think that looking after the recruitment, remuneration and management of employees in the early days of your technology startup doesn’t need an HR Manager or an outsourced HR provider.

Typically an organisation won’t be able to justify an inhouse HR team until they reach about 50 employees, but if you want to build an organisation that can scale you need to lay strong foundations from day one and for this, you need an HR professional. An outsourced HR Department is an affordable and sensible alternative while you grow.

At Isosceles Finance, we offer HR Services to growing technology companies helping them to get all the benefits without any of the drawbacks from a traditional HR department.

Eventually, every business owner will reach a ‘tipping point’ when they can no longer do everything! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should look to Isosceles’ Outsourced HR  Service for help:

  1. We help our clients recruit and retain top talent: When you’re a tech startup competing with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple to recruit top talent it takes a disproportionate amount of time; time the founder simply doesn’t have.
  2. With our Outsourced HR service, we ensure HR administration doesn’t become a burden: Ineffective HR administration is as much an obstacle to growth as an ill-conceived product or poor customer service.
  3. We keep our clients on the right side of employment law: Employment legislation is one of the most changes areas affecting businesses today.
  4. We mitigate the exposure of getting it wrong: Employee disputes are not just the preserve of big companies they happen to small ones too.
  5. Through our Payroll Service, we ensure employees are paid on time: A motivated business needs motivated people.

If you are seeking to implement an outsourced HR department within your business, please get in touch. Our professional team can help you find the right service for you short and long term business requirements.