Our Story | Outsourced Accountancy Services

Isosceles was founded in 2001 by our CEO, Mike O’Connell

Through his initial work with investors and emerging companies, Mike realised that entrepreneurs involved in new ventures and growing businesses need an effective finance, accounting and HR function just as much as well-established corporations. The challenge these organisations faced, however, was how to afford the calibre of expertise and systems needed to develop a thriving business model. Isosceles was formed to meet this challenge.

Helping to grow successful companies

Isosceles has worked with some of the most successful companies in the UK and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to achieve business growth.   We have evolved from a company that simply offers a range of outsourced accounting, HR and FD services into a value adding business partner that works with its clients to grow value and, for many, achieve a successful exit.

Building a platform

In our early days, success looked like a company growing to a critical mass in the UK and achieving an exit for the shareholders, perhaps making the management team a few million pounds.

Today success is growing a global organisation capable of becoming a Unicorn.

Isosceles has distilled its experiences of successful companies and successful exits into a proven methodology for maximising shareholder value. We are developing this methodology into a platform capable of supporting a world leader of tomorrow.

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