What's it like as a graduate accountant in outsourced accounting?

What’s it like as a graduate accountant in outsourced accounting?

I’ve been working at Isosceles as a Graduate Accountant for just over three months now, which is hard to believe as I’ve been welcomed into the team so well that I feel like I’ve been here much longer! I was a little nervous before I joined as my degree was nothing to do with accountancy, I studied International Development with Quantitative Research Methods (I know it’s a mouthful!) at Leeds Uni so I knew that it would be a steep learning curve. While it has been challenging, I have received incredible support, and both my training on client processes and the training courses for my exams have helped me get to grips with the accounting basics. 

One way that I have been made to feel part of the Isosceles team is being part of the social committee. In my first week at Isosceles I attended the quarterly social of rounders and a picnic! Since then I’ve also been to Top Golf and the Christmas party which have been a nice way to get to know the team a little outside work. I’m looking forward to staying involved and helping to organise more events next year. 

I’m currently working on four clients’ accounts which means I’ve gained knowledge of different accounting software and there’s a lot of variety to my role and I’m getting to work with different people every day. I now go out to my clients’ site once a week and work from their offices; I’m grateful that I’ve been given such big responsibility at such an early stage. 

Studying for my ICAEW qualification alongside working full time as a Graduate Accountant has taken some adjusting to but, I have now found a routine that suits me and has enabled me to pass two of my certificate level exams already. As I’m new to accounting, it’s satisfying to go from having zero knowledge about a subject to being able to pass an exam and use that knowledge in everyday work. I hope this has given you a little insight into what it’s like to be an Isosceles graduate and wish you the best of luck in your application!

Ellen McLoughlin, Graduate Accountant