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Who would choose the life of a part-time finance director?

This is a good question, who in their right mind would want to be a part-time finance director?  Potentially a different client every day and nowhere to hang their hat!

The life of a part-time finance director is unquestionably a double-edged sword, with opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

Adding real value to growing companies

The variety of working with a portfolio of clients, all at different stages of growth; associating with, and learning from, exciting and talented management teams; working with different business models; and because time is limited, being able to concentrate on strategic and higher value-add issues (no getting bogged down with minutia).

One can take the lessons learnt for company ‘A’ and apply to companies ‘B’ and ‘C’.  One can also be much more objective since life is not defined or limited by the politics of developing a career within one company.  They can be blunter, more truthful and more efficient with words.

Their biggest challenge is the ability to manage.  Trying to balance multiple priorities and making sure you are available when you are needed.

Part time FDAccess to a talented pool of finance professionals

To be a successful part-time finance director, a support mechanism that allows you to operate effectively is paramount.  It needs to be a pool of talented individuals available when and where you need them.  Thus, one has the tools enabling the delivery of excellent service across multiple clients at the same time.  Life is a bit like being on a free and ongoing MBA.

Growing businesses need a finance director  – even if they cannot afford a whole one!

More and more fast-growing companies are turning to FD Services. Businesses seek their services for a variety of reasons, but the thing they all have in common is their requirement for the very best finance director whom they cannot yet afford to employ themselves.

It’s not always an obvious career choice, but once a finance director has experienced life as a part-time finance director, they rarely turn back.  So, who would choose the life of a part-time finance director? In a nutshell, someone who is professional, enthusiastic and determined, who wants to make a REAL positive difference and relishes the variety, freedom and stimulation, that’s who.

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