Isosceles' biotechnology and life sciences clients addressing COVID-19

Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients addressing COVID-19

Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients active in the COVID-19 space have devoted resources to the production of vaccine candidates, development of tests and analysis of data.

As the battle for a vaccine continues in earnest, we explore the work of Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients.

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Sector: Biotechnology

Synthace: Harnessing the latest software

COVID-19 has caused a structural shift in how research labs operate and resulted in some firms introducing computer-aided biology and lab automation to scientific processes.

Synthace, an organisation that spans biology and software, has developed its Antha platform to deliver the capabilities to execute automation.

In preparation for the lockdown measures implemented by the UK Government earlier this year, Synthace announced in March that its software would be deployed for free to teams working specifically in therapeutics discovery, diagnostics, and production optimisation.

You can read more about this announcement here.

Sector: Life sciences

Isosceles’ client’s parent company partners with leading companies to develop a COVID-19 vaccine

Isosceles supports the UK subsidiary of a global US biopharmaceutical company which is currently partnered with other leading companies (including Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Mount Sinai Health System, and ImmunoTek Bio Centers) to develop a vaccine candidate that can be mass-produced.

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Sector: Artificial intelligence

Faculty: The power of big data during a national crisis

Specialising in the deployment of artificial intelligence solutions to address real-world issues, Faculty has been highly active in the COVID-19  response.

The company is providing AI solutions to inform government departments on the impact of COVID-19.

Faculty has been tasked with:

  1. Developing a data store to predict demand on the NHS.
  2. Building a database for AI-powered tests of COVID-19 patients.
  3. Creating a platform for assessing the impact of the virus on communities around the UK.

Working alongside industry partners to support the NHS data response strategy, Faculty is supporting the organisation in its interpretation and use of data by developing dashboards, models, and simulations.

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Part of this effort to understand the operating metrics of the virus is to ensure NHS leaders can pre-emptively anticipate demand on health and care services. This will subsequently allow decision-makers to plan, allocate and distribute PPE resources effectively and efficiently.

The COVID-19-related projects build on Faculty’s existing work with NHSX to create the new NHS AI lab.

In addition to Faculty’s work for NHSX on current demand analysis, the company has contributed to the development of an epidemiological model for COVID-19, led by Oxford University’s Big Data Institute. This project may eventually allow for long-term forecasting of future demand on NHS resources at the local level.

Sector: Biotechnology

Volition RX: Long-standing client announces promising clinical trials results

At Isosceles, we are also proud of our relationship with the multi-national epigenetics company Volition RX which is active in the development of simple-to-use tests to diagnose a range of cancers and other diseases.

The company recently announced promising clinical trials results for its COVID-19 Triage Test. The development of this project may allow for the early identification and triaging of patients who have tested positive and are the most likely to deteriorate. It is hoped that this will enable improved outcomes and more efficient use of critical care resources.

Sector: Healthcare

Cignpost Diagnostics: New Isosceles client helps employers make the workspace safer

For over 15 years Cignpost has specialised in healthcare support to both individuals and businesses.

With the recent pandemic affecting organisations globally, Cignpost identified the need for rapid testing to ensure their clients and employees can return to work within a safe and managed environment.

Cignpost Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Cignpost was formed and offers a range of services to assist employers with the implementation of safe back to work practices.  Using “gold standard” PCR testing they can provide accurate and reliable COVID-19 results on-site and within 2 hours of laboratory receipt of the swab.

Cignpost Diagnostics provides tailored solutions to meet its customers’ specific needs in delivering business resilience, operational continuity and growth. They currently work with many well-known organisations such as Netflix, The European Golf Tour, the BBC and many more.

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Our clients and COVID-19

At Isosceles, we are particularly impressed by the vigour and vitality shown by our entrepreneurial client base.

Isosceles’ clients that are active in this space are working hard to combat the malignant impacts of the virus and have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the cause.

Through the development of instruments of knowledge, Isosceles’ biotechnology and life sciences clients that are at the vanguard in this space have vowed to overcome the challenges presented by a pandemic which has shown few signs of abating.

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