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International Business:Growing to America

I had the pleasure of attending the strategic sales meeting of one of our clients whom we had helped set up an international business in Denver last week.

These guys and girls have an incredibly difficult task, they operate under a geographically distributed model. They operate in small teams that might see each other once a week, they may only come to the head office a few times a year. In addition they operate in an environment where they are often having to educate their customer as to why they have a problem and then sell them a solution with sometimes radically new software products.

I was amazed to see the level of entrepreneurialism within the team. Each sale person, presales and inside sales executive worked like a chess master to unpick the sales objections and shared ideas and strategies readily with their colleagues to come up with the optimum strategy. How much of the behaviour was driven by company culture or US culture and how much was driven by necessity is probably the stuff of books. Looked like the ingredients for a successful year from where I was sitting.