Heather scores opening try for Harlequin Ladies at The Game Changer

Heather scores opening try for Harlequin Ladies at The Game Changer

We are very proud of our Graduate Accountant Heather Cowell; Heather joined us in September last year with her motto “do more with your day”.  Not only is she working extremely hard for her Isosceles clients and studying for her accountancy exams, but she also plays rugby for Harlequins Ladies (she is currently the 2nd top try scorer in the Tyrells Premier 15s) and is an active supporter of women in sport.

The Game Changer: an annual celebration of the women’s game

Harlequins has led the way in promoting women’s rugby in this country, and The Game Changer on 30th March 2019 is an innovation from a Club seeking parity for the women’s game in the sport.



harlequins ladies

(Image credit: Getty Images for Harlequins) 


Not only did Harlequins Ladies unequivocably beat their opponent Gloucester Hartpury 62-0 to secure a semi-final place against Loughborough Lightening but the match drew record-level spectators (4,837), AND Heather scored the opening try!

The media widely covered the event with Heather’s try-scoring photograph appearing in all the major reports:

Women’s rugby is a lifeline for the future prosperity of our game (Brian Moore writing for the Telegraph)

Harlequins Ladies thrill record crowd (The Times)

Tyrells Premier 15s: Record crowd sees Quins into playoffs” (BBC)

International Women’s Day

womens rugbyHeather (2nd from the left) went to a London school as part of their International Women’s Day Programme.  She went with a Scotland International rugby player, an Irish International rugby player and the coach who coached England Women to win the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2014.  A truly inspirational group of people!

Their objective was to celebrate International Women’s Day and encourage the girls to break the barriers (in both sport and the workplace) which they tend to face at a young age preventing them from giving sport a go and consequently getting into playing sport.

Heather spoke about her journey in sport (during her GCSE’s, A-Levels and her Degree course she was a Junior GB Gymnast travelling around the world to compete).  Now as she starts on the first rung of her accountancy career, she is successfully combining an all-encompassing job and studies with an intensive training and playing schedule.

During the event the group also discussed with the girls:

  • The importance and balance in managing careers alongside sport
  • Values learnt through elite sport and how this can translate back into the working life, especially in teamwork
  • Prejudices towards women athletes and ways to overcome this
  • Facing adversity and challenging situations in sport
  • Dedication and commitment
  • The friendships and experiences you have through academic and sporting adventures

Mike O’Connell, CEO at Isosceles commented, “We are very proud of Heather, she is delivering great service to her clients, flying through her exams and developing into a world-class rugby player but still finds time to give something back to the aspiring sportswomen of tomorrow.  She is a fantastic role model for any young person, female or male.”