Who would choose the life of a part-time finance director?

This is a good question, who in their right mind would want to be a part-time finance director?  Potentially a different client every day and nowhere to hang their hat! The life of a part-time finance director is unquestionably a double-edged sword, with opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Adding real value to growing companies The variety of working with a portfolio of clients, all at different stages of growth; associating with, and … Continue reading

Part-Time Finance Director – When Half is Better than a Whole

Any MBA or business studies course will point out the importance of having an accurately controlled and well-disciplined accounting function.  There have been many catalogued disasters where lack of this vital process has resulted in the ultimate demise of the largest of organisations let alone the new start-up.  So no argument, every company needs good financial control and how better to protect yourself than to employ a full time or part-time … Continue reading

What’s the right investment route for the growth potential start-up?

Many entrepreneurs starting a business will face a funding challenge and some will need investment.   But where does the entrepreneur go? What are the options?  Which is the right path?  Is crowdfunding a fad?  Are venture capitalists old hat?  Do the banks still lend to small businesses? Here is our quick guide to the routes available to entrepreneurs starting a business with growth potential.  Which path is suitable for you … Continue reading

White Paper and Webinar Replay – New Revenue Recognition Standards

Don’t worry if you missed our IFRS 15 webinar on 28th November ‘New Revenue Recognition Standards – a Specific Approach for Professional Services Organizations’ below is a link to the replay and read our white paper Isosceles and Kimble IFRS 15 White Paper. IFRS 15 and ASC 606, which both come into effect soon, enshrine the principle that revenue should not be recognised until the obligations linked to it have been … Continue reading

IFRS 15 and ASC 606 Webinar – for professional services businesses

IFRS 15 and ASC 606, which both come into effect soon, enshrine the principle that revenue should not be recognised until the obligations linked to it have been met. While relatively straightforward in many sectors, revenue recognition can be a particularly complex matter in professional services, due to factors such as work being done under an array of different contract models along with complex deliverables. Isosceles Finance are delighted to … Continue reading

How exactly does a business outsource accounting?

A quick scan around the internet and you’ll discover plenty of articles on why you should outsource accounting, indeed we have a couple ourselves you can take a look at: When is the right time to outsource accounting? Advantages (and risks!) of outsourcing finance and HR Outsourced accounting: Why does signing a cheque delivery higher quality for the SME  Outsourcing: which “shore” is the right “shore” for the SME? Interestingly there … Continue reading

Advantages (and risks) of Outsourcing Your Accounting

The decision to outsource accounting should never be taken lightly.  Most leaders of growing businesses do recognise when the finance function is not as effective or as efficient as they need it to be. They also know when the time is right to consider outsourcing but often they find it difficult to rationalise their decision – a huge stumbling block which may prevent a company from scaling. Why does signing a cheque deliver higher … Continue reading

Isosceles appoints new head at Cambridge office

We are excited to welcome Andrew Taylor to Isosceles as Head of our Cambridge office. Andy is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant who has worked with privately owned UK businesses, one of the largest FTSE 100 companies and as CFO of a main market listed PLC. Since 2011 Andy has been working as a portfolio FD supporting small and medium sized companies in Cambridge.  He has provided numerous clients … Continue reading

Isosceles continues to expand its Finance Director Services

We are delighted to welcome Greg Eaton to Isosceles’ Finance Director Services team. Greg is an experienced Group Finance Director with a strong history of raising finance for growth, optimising cash and working capital, improving reporting and preparing businesses for sale. He is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant with a broad industry background including technology products and services, manufacturing and distribution.  Greg has worked with privately owned UK businesses … Continue reading

How to scale a small business into a larger business

In my discussions with our clients I often use a boat as an analogy for a company.  Scaling a business is a journey.  Much depends on the team within the boat and success is a destination that not every boat reaches. In my analogy I equate the difference between small companies that stay small and those that go on to become much larger as the difference between a rowing boat (small … Continue reading