How exactly does a business outsource accounting?

A quick scan around the internet and you’ll discover plenty of articles on why you should outsource accounting, indeed we have a couple ourselves you can take a look at: When is the right time to outsource accounting? Advantages (and risks!) of outsourcing finance and HR Outsourced accounting: Why does signing a cheque delivery higher quality for the SME  Outsourcing: which “shore” is the right “shore” for the SME? Interestingly there … Continue reading

Advantages (and risks) of Outsourcing Your Accounting

The decision to outsource accounting should never be taken lightly.  Most leaders of growing businesses do recognise when the finance function is not as effective or as efficient as they need it to be. They also know when the time is right to consider outsourcing but often they find it difficult to rationalise their decision – a huge stumbling block which may prevent a company from scaling. Why does signing a cheque deliver higher … Continue reading

Isosceles appoints new head at Cambridge office

We are excited to welcome Andrew Taylor to Isosceles as Head of our Cambridge office. Andy is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant who has worked with privately owned UK businesses, one of the largest FTSE 100 companies and as CFO of a main market listed PLC. Since 2011 Andy has been working as a portfolio FD supporting small and medium sized companies in Cambridge.  He has provided numerous clients … Continue reading

Isosceles continues to expand its Finance Director Services

We are delighted to welcome Greg Eaton to Isosceles’ Finance Director Services team. Greg is an experienced Group Finance Director with a strong history of raising finance for growth, optimising cash and working capital, improving reporting and preparing businesses for sale. He is a Big Four trained Chartered Accountant with a broad industry background including technology products and services, manufacturing and distribution.  Greg has worked with privately owned UK businesses … Continue reading

Outsourcing: Which “shore” is right for the SME?

Which “shore” is right for the SME: onshore, nearshore or offshore As technologies converge facilitating the easy transfer of documents and data, and as communications improve to allow the provision of services anytime, anyplace, anywhere so the question has emerged in the world of SME outsourced accounting:  “which is better onshore, near-shore or offshore ?” What is the Difference Between the ‘Shores’? Let me start, for the avoidance of doubt and … Continue reading

Is it possible to revitalise a tired venture capital backed business?

Being a venture capitalist must be one of the toughest jobs going – they are as popular as a traffic warden who used to be an investment banker. Their odds of success are no more than one or two projects in ten. Although they perform as much due diligence as they can, they are still reliant upon the representations that the management team make. If they succeed no one likes them, if they fail they deserved … Continue reading

Good budgeting and planning is more than just financials

Every business management theory book, since the emergence of spreadsheets, highlights the importance of budgeting and planning but I am still surprised at how few small and medium sized companies budget or plan sufficiently. There is nothing more likely to accelerate business success than a coherent and accurate financial plan. On the flip side, nothing is more likely to jeopardise your business than the lack of a strong plan. Why then … Continue reading