graduate accountants

They’ve arrived! Meet Isosceles’ 2017 Graduate Accountants

We are delighted to welcome Sarah Charlesworth and Thomas Marrow to our Sheffield Office and Alex Jones and Adam Coast to our Egham office

Sarah Charlesworth

Sarah is a Maths with German graduate from the University of Manchester and joined Isosceles she says, “Because I wanted to continue to challenge myself by working towards my CIMA qualification alongside a varied role”.

During her course she spent nine months working in Germany, three of which were as a Business Consultant and speaks fluent German.

Sarah reveals that she loves to travel and take part in sport.  “I swam competitively for years and once took part in a BBC Breakfast feature with Chris Hollins and Steve Parry an Olympic Medallist in swimming”.  She still swims whenever she can but now also enjoys taking part in Parkrun events.  Her top travel highlights so far are Hobbiton in New Zealand and Petra in Jordan.

graduate accountantWhat are Sarah’s first impressions of Isosceles?  “The assessment day was tough yet fun and it allowed me to get a real flavour for the company.  “One month in and I am already working on real client work and studying towards my first exam, which is exactly what I wanted from the position. Isosceles encourages progression and is a friendly place to work.”

Thomas Marrow

Thomas is a Business Finance and Economics graduate from the University of East Anglia, in Norwich.   He says, “I went to university with the mind-set of becoming an economist as I had a minor in finance in my degree but I fell in love with accounting and finance and chose to become an accountant.”  He is a budding bitcoin investor.

He joined Isosceles because “I wanted to work for a firm where I would have exposure to multiple clients, rather than working for an individual company doing their accounts.  So, for me, Isosceles was the cream of the crop and I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work for them!”

Thomas is also a sports fan. He played badminton socially as a member of the university badminton club and says he intends to keep playing every week whilst back in Yorkshire “if I’m lucky enough to find time after studying.”  He also plays 5-a-side football on Saturdays with friends and is a racegoer at his home town of Doncaster.

What are Thomas’s first impressions of Isosceles?  “Isosceles is a very friendly environment to work in. I really feel like part of the team after such a short space of time due to how welcoming everyone was.  Isosceles takes a very good approach of easing graduates into the job, not throwing too much at us at once but rather letting us progress and pick up a bigger workload as we feel comfortable.

Alex Jones

Alex received a first-class honours degree in Business Management from St Mary’s University, Twickenham, and when we asked him for some interesting facts about himself we were surprised to learn “I am a triplet, the youngest, with two sisters and I lived in idyllic Devon for nine years of my childhood”. He can also complete the Rubix Cube!

Alex is looking forward to working with a wide range of clients and says “The variety of work that I will experience, will really help towards my exams. I feel that throughout my Isosceles career I will get the opportunity to learn from many different accounting professionals, allowing me to build a rounded portfolio of expertise.”

What are Alex’s first impressions of Isosceles? “I really enjoyed the Isosceles assessment day, having come away learning a lot about Isosceles but also myself too. Since my first day, everyone at Isosceles has been so welcoming and friendly, it feels as though I have been here much longer than I have. The graduate scheme has been brilliant, early client exposure will help to complete the development programme put in place for both my working career and my studies.”

graduate accountantAlex is a keen footballer.  He has run a children’s football team (Staines Town under 10’s) for the last three years, he plays for his own team most weekends and he tries to get to as many Reading FC games as he can.

Adam Coast

Adam joins us from Queen Mary, University of London where he studied Economics.  He says “I have always wanted to work for an accounting firm that works in a dynamic industry and Isosceles fulfils that. They also have a good training scheme which I find important as my professional development is very important to me. I look forward to qualifying as an accountant and taking on more responsibilities in my job.”

When we asked Adam for some interesting facts about himself he revealed “I am profoundly deaf, however, I use a cochlear implant to help me hear.  I enjoy making cocktails and I am renowned for my version of the Aviator. I listen to classic country music, bluegrass and swing.

In his spare time Adam likes to socialise with his friends and is an avid gamer.  He enjoys walking throughout the countryside and exploring new places.

What are Adam’s first impressions of Isosceles?  I thought Isosceles had a progressive recruitment process as they understood graduates (see blog post). I am enjoying my time there as I find there are always ways to improve my skills as I work (e.g. excel training). It is a social workplace with monthly and quarterly events including a Christmas party and pub Fridays.

Isosceles pride themselves on their training program and it is easy to see why. They have ensured that I go to a good college for studying sessions and that I have enough time to study for my accounting exams.”