Isosceles Graduate Recruitment 2020: We are still (virtually) recruiting!

Isosceles Graduate Recruitment 2020: We are still (virtually) recruiting!

Like many firms, Isosceles has had a graduate recruitment process in place for several years to attract top talent.

Whilst the current global health crisis may have disrupted some firms, here at Isosceles we are working hard to get our clients through and need more talent to achieve this.

In our latest blog, we reveal why we continued to recruit during this uncertain time and detail how we have used technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to ensure we continue to attract talent without compromising on standards or integrity.  

Whilst the past few months may have disrupted the recruitment plans of many businesses, here at Isosceles we delved into the virtual recruitment process and complied with government guidelines.

With ambitions to grow and develop our people, our search for top talent for our Graduate Trainee Accountant Scheme has continued in earnest. 

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Why are we still doing graduate recruitment during this time?

To achieve our ambitions, we recognise the need to recruit a steady stream of talented people.

In these challenging and uncertain times, the need for talent has never been greater. As we push forward, we need the resources to fuel that growth, and we believe this will be accomplished by investing in our people and the recruitment process.

Our Graduate Account Trainee Scheme is our multi-year commitment to provide a blend of professional work experience, studying opportunities and continuing professional development to high-calibre individuals.

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Graduates who join Isosceles have access to the support network of a friendly accounting and finance team and opportunities for post-qualification career progression.

New starters can also develop professionally by learning about best practices, systems, processes, and reporting procedures at regular internal training sessions delivered by senior members of the team.

Why has the graduate recruitment process changed?

The global health crisis has encouraged us to think about how we demonstrate who we are as a company whilst retaining that all-important personal touch in the virtual world.

Due to recent events, there have been a few noticeable changes to our normal recruitment process. We have added online screening assessments to our recruitment process, including numeracy, literacy, attention to detail and data import tests to assess candidates.

However, our interaction with candidates as they progress through the various stages remains the same. Isosceles’ HR department continues to have direct contact with candidates throughout the process to ensure we find people who exemplify our culture, values, attitudes, and standards.

From submitting the application and subsequent telephone interview to the virtual graduate assessment day and Q&A session with members of the Isosceles team, we believe it is important to maintain contact with candidates throughout the recruitment journey.

We appreciate that everyone feels anxious, so we believe it is imperative to touch base with candidates throughout the process to ensure they feel calm, informed, and ready to perform well on the day.

What does the virtual graduate assessment day involve?

Candidates can expect to be asked to complete a range of individual and group tasks during the day, including:

  • Getting to know Isosceles and other candidates
  • Team building exercise
  • Group exercise
  • Presentation
  • Interview
  • Q&A with CEO and current graduate trainee accountants
  • In-tray exercises

What are the benefits of virtual recruitment?

What have we learned from our first virtual graduate recruitment day? Well, even though it has been challenging to plan and execute, we have been able to appeal to a greater number of candidates and attract more people from outside our usual demographic.

How have we applied technology to the process?

During the virtual recruitment process, we used a combination of Zoom and Microsoft Teams for different tasks. This software has enabled the company to reap the benefits of the virtual recruitment process detailed above.

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To find out more about the recruitment process, current vacancies and Graduate Trainee Accountant Scheme, please visit our Graduate Recruitment page, follow us on Twitter and join us on LinkedIn.