In our experience, the first question shareholders ask when preparing for exit is “what is the business worth?” followed by “how can we improve that valuation?” and “what do I need to do to prepare my business for sale”?  To help you with these questions, we’ve built an online Business Valuation Tool.

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This is a questionnaire-based tool intended to help you answer these questions.

It’s simple and straightforward to complete.  We ask 30 questions in total and our assessment considers several factors:

  1. The temperature of your target sectors and your offering
  2. The size of your businesses and where it is on its growth path
  3. Is the business model proven?
  4. Is your business well run?

After completing this questionnaire we’ll be able to give you a price-band valuation of your business plus a personalised view of the key factors you should consider when preparing your business for exit.

We understand that we are asking some sensitive questions; all data shared by you will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions about the form or report, please contact us on

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