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Isosceles Help ENTOTA Grow with Outsourced Accounting

ENTOTA selected Isosceles because of their focus and experience of working with rapidly growing technology companies.

ENTOTA have rapidly grown to become the largest, most experienced and innovative SAP Enterprise Information Management consultancy. With offices in Europe and North America they have successfully deployed solutions for some of the most complex global organisations in the world.

(ENTOTA were acquired by BackOffice Associates in December, 2013 but they continue as an Isosceles client)


The Requirement

From the earliest stages the management team committed to the principle of out- sourcing non-core activities, enabling them to focus on establishing and growing the business.

ENTOTA’s growth plans were aggressive and they needed a serviced provider who could keep up.

Why Isosceles?

Isosceles has a proven track record – the ENTOTA management team and Isosceles have worked successfully together in the past.

Our focus on ambitious and rapidly growing technology companies gives us a unique view of the complexities of this sector and an understanding of what it takes to survive.

We knew when we started ENTOTA that we wanted to grow quickly and take full advantage of the gap in the market. To maintain this level of focus we had to stick to what we were really good at and outsource the rest. From previous experience of working with the Isosceles I knew they could flex their service to meet our growing requirements.

Clive Bellmore, CEO, ENTOTA

The Service

Provision of a dedicated finance team and a fully outsourced accounting service to ENTOTA and its two subsidiary companies – ENTOTA Financials Ltd. and US-based ENTOTA LLC.

A key aspect of the service is the provision of management accounts and regular, updated forecasts to the Board. This ensures ENTOTA have complete visibility of revenues and costs, but most importantly this allows Isosceles to submit time records to their major customer which has significantly improved cash-flow.

The Results

Isosceles have worked with ENTOTA since their formation in 2009. They have grown to a multi-million pound turnover company operating internationally.

It is great to work with Clive and his team again, after his successful venture at Edgewing. ENTOTA is one of the fastest growing technology consultancies we have ever worked with. The quality of their people is amazing. This is definitely a hot one to watch.

Mike O’Connell, CEO, Isosceles