Digitalist Group Scale and Transform their UK Business with Isosceles' HR Service

Digitalist Group Scale and Transform their UK Business with Isosceles' HR Service

Digitalist Group chose Isosceles’ HR service because of their experience of supporting the UK subsidiaries of rapidly scaling overseas technology companies.

Digitalist is a creative technology company with designers, engineers, strategists, and innovators, working together in Finland, Great Britain, Canada and the U.S.

At the crossroad of business, design and technology, they work alongside their clients to innovate offerings, tap on business potential, and benefit from enhanced productivity.  They assist companies all the way from an original challenge through captured value.

With 20 years of commitment to delivering complete solutions, Digitalist transforms businesses by creating both superior digital experience and technological platforms. They harmonise the disciplines to tell beautiful stories never heard before. Together they Discover, Design, and Deliver.

Digitalist Group is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

The Need

It was no longer feasible, because of Digitalist’s rapid growth, to provide HR support to the UK from Helsinki.  The time had come to find an HR service provider able to assume the full role of Digitalist’s UK HR Department.

Isosceles was exceptionally easy to work with from the very first meeting. They are an instrumental part of the team. We look forward to expanding our relationship and working together for many years to come.

Tony Gubb, Vice President, Digitalist Group

Why Isosceles?

  • Our ability to deliver a fully tailorable HR service with offsite management but an onsite presence as and when required
  • Isosceles’ experience of the changing needs of a scaling technology business
  • The flexibility of our service which will grow as Digitalist scales
  • Isosceles’ positive track record of supporting the UK subsidiaries of overseas companies

Isosceles' Role

  • Assume the role of Digitalist’s HR Department
  • Develop their employment policies, procedures, staff handbook, contracts and administration processes
  • Handle all routine HR administration and HR related issues
  • Advise managers on the handling of HR issues within their teams
  • Implement a 24/7 HR system for managers and employees to access HR information
  • Provide employees with guidance on HR policies and contractual
  • Take Digitalist through pension auto-enrolment and administer their pension scheme

Digitalist Group is operating in a very hot space right now and as businesses struggle to come to terms with digitalisation and IoT they will need quality business partners and solutions like Digitalist. We are delighted to be able to help Digitalist help their clients.

Mike O'Connell,CEO, Isosceles

The Result

Isosceles have taken the hassle and the worry, of keeping the UK subsidiary compliant with HR legislation, away from Digitalist’s Finnish parent company.

Senior management now have an HR Manager to guide and advise them on any strategic or operational HR issues affecting them or their teams, and employees have someone to go to for guidance and support.

Digitalist have access to a cloud-based HR system, which will facilitate effective internal communication, streamline their HR administration and provide 24/7 access for employees and management HR information.