management reporting

Management Reporting: Bringing the financials to life

Do you have effective management reporting?

Are you able to make informed business decisions from your financials?

Are you spending too much time manipulating data from multiple systems that by the time it gets to you it’s too late?

It is surprising how many businesses struggle to get timely and accurate financial information at the end of each month. Off-the-shelf accounting packages such as Xero, Sage and QuickBooks are cost effective and very good at what they do, hence their popularity, but when it comes to reporting they are very limited. Yet without accurate financial reporting – up-to-date visibility of how the business is performing against key business drivers how can senior managers continue to grow the business?

Management Reporting – vision at the click of a button

Isosceles have developed (see below) with Microsoft’s PowerBI  a visual analytics management reporting.  This dashboard, offered with through our outsourced accounting solution dashboard which can bring the numbers to life, providing:

  • The ability to view information at whatever level of detail is required from a whole company view down to individual locations.
  • A variety of ways to visualise complex data – key figures, charts and trends all clickable, drill-able and interactive.
  • Ability to select easily between monthly, year to date, plan and prior year metrics and comparisons.

The Isosceles difference

Isosceles work with growing technology companies, from startup through growth to exit.  To survive they need to be nimble and quick.  They need up-to-the-minute knowledge of their financial position and to be able to use their cash wisely.  For this reason we have developed an instantaneous and interactive management reporting dashboard.  Many of our clients now use this dashboard as a basis for discussion and effective decision making at their monthly management meetings.

Here’s a short video we’ve put together demonstrating the power of Isosceles’ management reporting dashboard.