What’s the right investment route for the growth potential start-up?

Many entrepreneurs starting a business will face a funding challenge and some will need investment.   But where does the entrepreneur go? What are the options?  Which is the right path?  Is crowdfunding a fad?  Are venture capitalists old hat?  Do the banks still lend to small businesses? Here is our quick guide to the routes available to entrepreneurs starting a business with growth potential.  Which path is suitable for you … Continue reading

Transform your technology business with growth funding

There’s plenty of growth funding available, particularly for SaaS, FinTech, AI, IoT and Biotec companies, but is your business able to take advantage of this type of funding and if so, what do you need to do to secure it? What is growth funding? Growth funding (also known as growth capital) is a type of investment by either a Family Office (high net worth individuals) or Private Equity firm in return … Continue reading

How to scale a small business into a larger business

In my discussions with our clients I often use a boat as an analogy for a company.  Scaling a business is a journey.  Much depends on the team within the boat and success is a destination that not every boat reaches. In my analogy I equate the difference between small companies that stay small and those that go on to become much larger as the difference between a rowing boat (small … Continue reading

Is it possible to revitalise a tired venture capital backed business?

Being a venture capitalist must be one of the toughest jobs going – they are as popular as a traffic warden who used to be an investment banker. Their odds of success are no more than one or two projects in ten. Although they perform as much due diligence as they can, they are still reliant upon the representations that the management team make. If they succeed no one likes them, if they fail they deserved … Continue reading

Is Crowdfunding suitable for ambitious, fast growing technology businesses?

Having worked with several entrepreneurial businesses, we understand how difficult it can be to raise funding to start and grow a business.  The task of securing investment can be a lengthy process, one which may take several weeks and months of effort. We recently exhibited at VentureFest East which brings together innovators, successful entrepreneurs and investors. It addresses issues specifically related to building a business in today’s fast moving market. … Continue reading

How to Manage your Investor

Copious amounts of advice is available regarding how to manage one’s investment but next to nothing about how to manage one’s investor and yet this person can add significantly more to your business than just cash. Insight and perspective Your investor is potentially an incredibly valuable resource to your business.  Keeping your investor on side, and getting the most out of them, requires careful thought and management. You can’t fire … Continue reading

Ambitious entrepreneur: Starting a business for exit

The Ambitious entrepreneur One of the current hot topics of debate amongst business commentators is, “should the first time entrepreneur start a new business venture with the exit in mind?” In truth, the answer very much depends on the type of business being set up of course, and why it’s being set up, but in my opinion for the ambitious entrepreneur the answer is an unequivocal “YES”! In recent months … Continue reading

The route to building an exceptional management team

It is very rare for a start-up to recruit a full management team from day one. In the beginning it will be a small team with the CEO wearing quite a few hats.  As the business grows, however, so too must the team. How do successful entrepreneurs build their management team? What is the right way to do this? What should the priorities be? How do successful entrepreneurs avoid costly … Continue reading

Isosceles client VolitionRx listed on NYSE

VolutionRX on NYSE We are delighted that Isosceles client, Volition Rx, a life sciences company focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests for a broad range of cancer types and other conditions, today announced the pricing of its public offering of 2,475,000 shares of its common stock, at an offering price of $3.75 per share on the NYSE. VolitionRX, who will now be listed on the NYSE MKT, expects net proceeds from the … Continue reading

Learnings for the entrepreneur from the Word Cup

Love it or hate it, the World Cup is here, and there much that the entrepreneur and business owner can learn from the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Uruguay One world class part-time player can make all the difference. Spain The world changes, sticking with the old guard for too long can cost you dear. England Sacrifices have to be made today in order to ensure future growth and success. The Referees … Continue reading