October 2018 Deadline Approaching for Childcare Voucher Scheme

Childcare Voucher Scheme After an earlier extension, the final date for new entrants to the Childcare Voucher Scheme is fast approaching.  Eligible employees can still join the scheme if their first wage adjustment, and receipt of vouchers, has gone through before midnight on 4th October. This will be the last opportunity for employees to take advantage of the current voucher-based scheme. Childcare voucher benefits will continue to be available to members … Continue reading

Outsourcing HR provides real value to growing technology companies

Think you don’t need an HR Department? Isn’t it incredible how things can change, virtually overnight?  One minute you are patting yourself on the back.  The business is ticking over nicely.  The team is solid and working well together.  The ‘big one’ has finally closed, and you can now see the blood, sweat and tears spilt over the last 24 months have been worthwhile. For the first time since start-up … Continue reading

The Apprenticeship Levy. Can scaling businesses benefit from recruiting apprentices?

The biggest challenge facing scaling businesses is often not motivating and retaining staff, it’s finding great talent in the first place. Recruiting graduates and “growing your own” has gained momentum among SMEs, but could the new “apprenticeship levy” help them source future leaders at a lower cost? So, what are the advantages of apprenticeships? Apprenticeship programmes generally combine work and class based training. For employers, this means that apprentices will be building skills that are directly … Continue reading

Isosceles’ HR Services go from strength to strength

We are delighted to welcome Kay Mellor to Isosceles as Head of HR Services. Kay is an HR professional with experience in FTSE 100 as well as private equity owned companies.  Before joining Isosceles, she led the team providing HR Services, Business Partnering support, recruitment, reward and employee relations for the Head Office functions of a Fast Track 100 financial services company. Kay believes that HR has a key role … Continue reading

How to lead the multigenerational workforce of a scaling business  

You might think that worrying about leading a multigenerational workforce doesn’t apply to a scaling technology company who typically start-up employing a single generation.  But it does!  In order to get the requisite skills mix to successfully scale, you will need new blood and it is highly likely, at some point in time you will find yourself leading a multigenerational workforce.  The multigenerational workforce of today poses unique challenges, and … Continue reading

Top tips on how to deal with persistent absenteeism

The latest CIPD survey states the average cost of absenteeism in the UK is £609 per year per employee, and the average employee has 4½ days casual sickness/absence per year. Although persistent absenteeism is generally from a small number of employees, their sporadic unplanned absence, however, can have a disproportionately negative impact on team morale, productivity and customer relationships. If you are noticing excessive patterns of absenteeism and finding it hard … Continue reading

Performance Management: How to deal with difficult employees

Performance management Generally, most people do not want to deal with difficult employees as it usually involves confrontation and for a ‘quiet life,’ it may be easier to ignore that troublesome employee and hope it goes away! However, it is important and necessary to deal swiftly with a difficult employee otherwise, frustrations rise, morale goes down and productivity decreases.  Also, other employees and customers get upset. It can then become a … Continue reading

What do you do when your star performer REALLY screws up?

As the Jeremy Clarkson ‘fracas’ in 2015 showed all too clearly, performance managing talent is a tricky business.  It’s not just in the world of high maintenance artistic personalities where problems can strike – businesses have their share of problematical star performers as well. The dangers of turning a blind eye They are difficult to manage and rub everyone up the wrong way.  On a good day they ‘sail very … Continue reading

Employment allowance – don’t forget!

Great news for the small business.  The employment allowance is specifically aimed at small businesses. Over 90% of the benefit of this allowance will go to small businesses with fewer than 250 employees, enabling them to benefit from up to a £2,000 reduction on their employer’s NI contributions. The process couldn’t be simpler for businesses to implement, as you need only to confirm your eligibility through your standard payroll process.  … Continue reading

HR policies and procedures. Surely we can just sack him?

It’s obviously gross misconduct! Frustratingly the answer is no! Employers cannot simply dismiss an employee following an act of gross misconduct. If HR policies and procedures are not followed there is likely to be a claim for unfair dismissal and we all know what that means – a huge amount of management time and money! What is gross misconduct? Some examples include: dishonesty, theft or fraud malicious damage fighting or … Continue reading