Employee engagement and Isosceles life: a conversation with our CEO

Our feature series continues this week with Mike meditating on Isosceles’ recent WeThrive employee engagement survey and outlining a range of other exciting projects in the pipeline. Mike, the floor is yours. On Isosceles’ recent employee engagement survey… Isosceles recently conducted an employee engagement survey to determine the wellbeing of its people. Referring to how Isosceles utilised WeThrive to complete this task, Mike explains: “The WeThrive engagement survey is an … Continue reading

Budget 2021: Optimistic Budget for Tech Companies from Sunak

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak delivered his highly anticipated 2021 Budget in Parliament on 3 March to remedy the pandemic-ravaged economy. Isosceles CEO Mike O’Connell shares his thoughts on the 2021 Budget and some specific areas of interest unveiled within it. The chancellor’s second annual Budget outlined the government’s fiscal plans for the year ahead and included several notable provisions to cure the malignant health, social and economic effects … Continue reading

2021 Budget and COVID: A conversation with Isosceles CEO Mike O’Connell

In the inaugural edition of our ‘conversations with Isosceles CEO Mike O’Connell’, we get a vignette into Mike’s mind; discovering some of the topical issues of the day that have caught his attention, how recent developments are impacting Isosceles, and the specific areas he will be monitoring over the coming weeks. Over to you, Mike. On COVID-19… “A lot is going on in the world with regards to COVID-19”, Mike … Continue reading