Lead advisor SAP partner sale to Big Four|Isosceles

Case Study: SAP Partner exit to Big Four

Isosceles were selected because of their successful track record in advising technology consultancies of a similar size and complexity through to a successful exit.

This consultancy formed in 2008, rapidly grew to become the largest SAP PCM consultancy in the world and the leading implementer of SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software.

The Requirement

The company had reached the size where it needed to have a close relationship with a larger international organisation in order to leverage its top class customer base and to fulfil its increasingly strategic ambitions.There was a requirement to identify a suitable partner and to establish this relationship.

It was anticipated that such a relationship would lead to an acquisition, but our client did not want to simply sell the company.  It was necessary to identify suitable partners discretely without prejudicing our client’s position in the market.

I can still recall discussing the business plan and ambitions for the company with the founders before the formation of the company. I am delighted for them and the staff. They executed the business plan as they had outlined in those early conversations. The business case for the acquisition was amongst the most compelling I’ve seen and I look forward to watching the continued success and growth of the team.

Mike O'Connell, CEO, Isosceles

Why Isosceles?

The Founder and Isosceles had worked together in the past.  Isosceles helped him and his co-founder to a successful exit and he was certain they could do the same again.

The Results

Isosceles were engaged to help identify the right strategic partner/buyer and to establish the relationship.

Isosceles helped set out the value proposition and assisted the negotiation of the terms of the acquisition as lead advisor.

Our client was acquired by one of the Big Four accounting firms creating the number one enterprise performance management practise in the world across both SAP and Oracle.

The fit in terms of culture, competency and customers was exact, making the negotiation of terms straight forward and resulting in a win/win transaction for our client and the acquirer.