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The man who fought to preserve war time technology dies

Outsourced Accounting

I was saddened to learn of the death of Tony Sale. I met Tony when Isosceles were awarded the contract to provide an outsourced accounting service to The National Museum of Computing earlier this year.

He was a quietly brilliant man. He lead the rebuilding of Colossus the first modern computer. He masterminded the campaign to keep the spirit of wartime Bletchley Park alive, when it was in grave danger of disappearing under redevelopment. He also co-founded The National Museum of Computing which is dedicated to showing the development of computing in its broadest sense from the pioneering war time efforts that resulted in Colossus, to the products and systems we use today.

It was fitting that he should be remembered so publicly, with the full force of the media showering praise for his work. The physical link may now have been lost but his magnificent contribution to British history and the world of technology really does live on in The National Museum of Computing